Feed additives for farm animals are special additional products that are used daily in combination with the main diet. Generally, they are used for birds, cattle, pigs, etc. The main goal is to regulate the proportions and amount of nutrients in the feed, as well as the inclusion of biologically active components.
The BRIDGE LLC offers the optimal range of agricultural additives at affordable prices. In the manufacturing process, the developed regulatory rules are strictly taken into account. When ordering feed additives in bulk, each client can count on attractive prices and delivery within strictly regulated terms. All products are certified, the goods can be shipped in any volume.


CTCZYME is the flagship product of the CTCBIO Veterinary Division.
ß-mannanases are the second in the world and the first in Asia to be developed using only CTCBio’s proprietary technology.
This is an enzyme that degrades the mannan components found in soybeans, but they are difficult to use.
It is the first product in the industry to win the World Class Product Award (2008) and the Jang Yeong-sil Award (2009) in succession.

It has received patents in the US and Europe, as well as in Korea, and its effectiveness has already been proven at home and abroad.
This product is currently exported to Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.
In 2016, it was first registered in the US as a Korean animal drug and feed additive and began to be exported.
As of 2020, this product has been exported to more than 30 countries, including China, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and Colombia.

Bacteriophage (eXolution)

The meaning of the word Bacteriophage is “to eat or eat bacteria” and has the property of selectively killing certain pathogenic bacteria and generally not affecting general beneficial bacteria. In 2011, the use of “antibiotics for feed additives” was banned in Korea, and since then, the ban on antibiotics due to resistance issues has been extended to global trends and regulations. Of course, it attracts a lot of attention abroad. .

CTCBIO was launched as a bacteriophage feed additive for pigs, poultry and cattle in Korea in 2010, and has also carried out various national projects to develop various bacteriophages such as fish and pig edema. It is a flagship product exported to over 15 countries including Malaysia.

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